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Welcome to the USAFE Football Web Site

 USAFE Football Web Site

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This page is dedicated to the United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE)  Football League (1946 - 1993). The league was established after World  War II as entertainment for military personnel and their dependents stationed in Europe before American football became popular in  Europe.  Also a factor was the unavailability of American Football games  on  television especially in England  This league was also the pre-cursor to the World Football League and NFL Europe. You might say the USAFE Football league introduced American Football to many Europeans.

I don't claim to be the resident  expert on the league, there is very  little information on the Internet about the  league, hopefully that  will change with the creation of this web site.

I have received  feedback and e-mails from ex-USAFE participants  while  searching for information about the league and hitting this web  site.  All comments and suggestions are welcome !!  I played for the RAF Alconbury Spartans  and US Air Force base near Huntington, CAMBS, England during the 1985 and 1986 seasons.  I  played running back and some  fullback and wore # 41 

This site is for everyone, ex-players, coaches, officials and fans of USAFE  football.  As word spreads, I hope this site will grow into the main  source for pictures and information on the web relating to USAFE football. 

Enjoy the USAFE Football web site and spread the word!

Thank you,

Robert Causey.

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